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My name is Josef Rakich and I’m a multi-millionaire through building multiple online businesses and generating subscription revenue.
My goal is to help YOU make money online and generate an extra 20k+ per month.
I know how hard it can be to know exactly what to do when there is an overload of information on the internet nowadays...
I want to make it very easy for you by teaching you step by step the secret strategies and methods I used to become a millionaire. This is basically my personal blueprint on how I did it and I am now sharing it with you.
And don’t worry I am not smart, I failed and dropped out of school. So yes anyone can do this course and learn how to make money online!
I made my first million at 23 and was a multi-millionaire by 24. Most people at that age are fresh out of college or are in a job they don’t like… Me? I wanted to make millions before I turned 25 because that is the goal and the standard I personally set for myself.
The aim of this blueprint is to help anyone at any age reach their dreams of financial freedom and success.
This blueprint was designed for those with not much time, as little as 1 hour per day. I also teach you ways to set up everything with little to no money.
Imagine, owning multiple supercars and being able to live anywhere you want, taking your closest friends or family on holiday anywhere in the world, just because.
Well, all that is possible and I am going to teach you exactly how!
"Okay sounds great... but why should I learn from your blueprint over another internet gurus?"
In my opinion, if you're going to learn from someone, learn from someone who has a proven track record of success.
My fitness company, Josef Rakich Fitness, generates on average $300K per month and I have had over 160,000+ clients to date. Now my goal is to help and change 1 million lives worldwide. I've helped transform people through fitness and now I intend to do the same financially through this blueprint.
I own a few other companies as well, including a supplement line, a software company called MacroActive, which is a B2B company that creates mobile apps for fitness trainers and we currently have over 600+ trainers on our platform who are helping people reach their fitness goals.
I'm also one of the owners of IIFYM.com, which stands for If It Fits Your Macros. IIFYM.com gets over 6,500 unique views to the website daily from people looking for diet plans that best suit them based on the foods they want to eat according to their protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements.
If you’re working a 9-5, the idea of owning all of these companies and making millions from them sounds like it would be impossible...
I’m here to make the impossible - possible.
This blueprint will tell you all there is to know about being the best at what you do and earning money from it!
I hope this blueprint is getting you as excited as I am to helping you achieve financial freedom.
Should you decide to invest to get inside the Millionaire 101 Blueprint, here's what you'll find…


✔️ How this one simple trick can make you rich (once you understand this, it doesn't matter whether you make $1 or $100,000 you will be well on your way to wealth)

✔️ Why do most people never become a millionaire (every single person on earth has 24 hours in a day, why are some rich and some poor? It all comes down to this...)

✔️ What will we use to create money (hint: we use it every day, but I'm going to teach you how to use it and the way you use it now is very different)


✔️ Doing this one thing everyday literally made me millions (I promise you if you just do this one thing will make the whole blueprint worth it)

✔️ What it takes to make money online (if you can do this, you instantly separate yourself from 90% of people in terms of your earning potential)

✔️ How to create unlimited energy to get stuff done (why you struggle with motivation and when you discover this you will never struggle again)

✔️ Why having this mindset makes all the difference (there are two types of mindsets. One will make you rich, and the other stuck in the same position in life)


✔️ A very simple process for creating structure (how to move forward every single day towards your financial goals)

✔️ Do this before you start selling anything (this is a crucial step that many people overlook but is important if you want to succeed)

✔️ How to decide on a product or service (this is usually the hardest step for most people...)

✔️ Multiple methods to find hot products to sell (most effective ways I use to find products to start selling asap!)

✔️ One thing YOU MUST do if want to be successful (this is absolutely the most important step required if you want to see results in your online business)

✔️ The most valuable currency online and how to print it for free (hint: it's not money but having this will get you a lot of $)

✔️ Secret social media strategies (I've been using these secret methods for the past decade and accumulated millions of followers across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter!)

✔️ How to sell without a following (I understand not everyone has millions of followers so I share how I did it from ground zero)

✔️ How to see success fast within weeks not years (and much more...)

That's everything you're getting once you join this blueprint.

If you're sick of your 9-5, and want to make an extra 20k per month, seeking control over your freedom, finances, and time - then this blueprint is for you.

Let me make this clear one more time, YOU have to be willing to take action.

Everything I teach you works, and I have proven that. Trust in the process, and I promise that if you follow my blueprint step by step, you will start making money online to have the freedom you deserve.

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